Logo Panorama Morska Jarosławiec
Health Resort & Medical SPA Panorama Morska Jarosławiec is a place with a rich hinterland of recreation and leisure, and rehabilitation. Only here you will experience wonderful moments when having: holidays, rehabilitation or conferences.
Resort is situated among magnificent green area 350 meters from the sea. It has more than 400 rooms with a very high standard.
In the area of resort there are many attractions for children and adults and among others we have: kindergarten, playgrounds, water park, child’s world, gym, wellness area and much more. It is a place for everyone - both for those who are looking for an active holiday, and for those who seek rest and relaxation.
HEALTH RESORT & MEDICAL SPA PANORAMA MORSKA, 76 - 107 Jarosławiec, ul. Uzdrowiskowa 15, tel. 94 34 82 997, fax. 94 34 82 772